Different kinds of People

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Today, I realised that each one is different from other in every aspect. I attended a wedding reception and I was enjoying with my relatives and friends. Suddenly two children, 7 years old, who were playing with each other were missing. One parents of one child were searching for their child nervously but on the other hand, the parents of the other child didn’t even bother where their child went and they were simply talking with their friends carelessly though they know that their child is missing. When their chilfren were found, one child’s parents became the happiest persons in the world but there was no reaction in the other child’s parents.


Humorous mistakes

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Last week, in our class room one boy used to wet paper and throw at others, when he threw at a boy sitting first, it fell on his book. He again threw the paper and to everyone’s surprise it fell over the teacher’s table and everybody shouted that the paper was dipped in saliva. So, this became a big problem and this went to even the extent of the principle. Due to this the teacher went to the extent of resigning her own job since none of the boys said who the culprit was. But finally we went and told the who the culprit was and he was punished for act. Funny isn’t,a wet paper made a boy to be punished of serious misconduct

Some people think different

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Today, my teacher spoke of his experience of social service camp. He gave 1000 bucks to each of his two students to buy some materials and told each one to fill up a whole room with whatever things they could buy but he said that the room should be full, so one boy went and bought some things and filled up the whole room. Then, the other boy went and bought a candle and illuminated the whole room. When the teacher checked what the students bought, the first student bought some things and stacked up the room, then he saw the room of the other boy, to his surprise there was only a candle lit in that room. When the teacher asked the reason why the boy lit only a candle, the boy answered him that the light occupies the whole room without leaving any gap hence he bought a candle light. My techer was inspired by that boy and hence he told us to be perfect in whatever job we do.

Mom Dad Teacher God

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Yesterday I was too busy preparing for a test in my school since the teacher was a strict guy, at that time my mom said me to do her a help, easy but time consuming, I nervous but help her as she too was helpless and today I was nervously went to school. The test was in the first period and I had learned nothing. The test started, but I wrote all which I could remember though most were wrong. To my surprise the teacher checked everyone’s paper excepting mine and some even got punished. I was really surprised since this was the first time he forgot to check my answer script. Then I remembered what my grandpa used to tell me, “Obey your parents and God will bless you” . Hence I tell you people to always obey your parents.